Generative Buzz Is Merging with CognitivePath

We're joining forces to launch a research and advisement firm serving enterprise marketing organizations.

Learn How to Integrate AI Into Your Marketing Strategy

AI should support your marketing strategy, integrate into your processes, and strengthen your output to make marketing easier, instead of creating more work.

Our workshops  jumpstart your efforts to make AI impactful for the whole marketing organization and enterprise.

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Secure & Effective.

Want to wow customers with AI? Set up a private instance today and train an LLM on your data! Whether it's an external customer or internal stakeholders, use your own data and content to generate stronger results.

Enterprises Need More From AI Solutions.

Strategic Support

AI should support marketing’s mission. That often requires more sophisticated approaches than basic generative AI apps offer.

Better Integration

AI point solutions are made for consumers and don’t integrate into marketing tech stacks, creating a productivity tax.

Measured Impact

ROI, new leads, productivity increases. Measure what matters with your AI tools.

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AI for Enterprise Marketing

We  help enterprise marketers implement
outcome-centric AI strategies. Sometimes we help them develop products. Here is a sample of our product thinking.

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