AI Workshops

Serious AI wisdom, minus the technical jargon and industry hype.

Cut through the hype and get real, actionable AI strategies you can implement to boost marketing productivity and performance.

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Generative Buzz offers three types of workshops!

Join the leading edge of AI-powered marketers. Book today.

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  • Core AI Workshops: Our main three offerings include Strategic Alignment, Process Immersion, Action Plan.

  • Bespoke Private Sessions - Ideal for developing pilots and initial implementations.

  • Live Expert Events - Attend one of our sessions at a conference or on tour.

Unlock the Power of AI

Say goodbye to over-hyped AI promises and theories. Our laser focus is on usable AI knowledge that drives results.

With our hands-on, expert-led workshops, you will:

• Gain a working understanding of AI to inform smarter marketing decisions
• Learn to apply AI for increased ROI, productivity, and efficiency
• Future-proof your skills with exclusive insider strategies and processes

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Three Core AI Workshops

AI Strategy Alignment for Leadership

Our immersive half-day Lead the Way workshop helps marketing executives and innovators shape a unified vision and approach to implementing AI.

Find the best ways to use AI to support and strengthen your core sales and marketing strategies.

Get the confidence and tools you need to lead your marketing organization’s AI transformation.

You’re team will come away with alignment around AI as a strategic driver of marketing priorities. In this working session, we’ll help you:

• Assess your organization’s AI maturity and readiness
• Align on AI goals and guardrails 
• Identify priority AI applications
• Overcome organizational obstacles
• Create a shared roadmap and vision for AI

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Processes for
Effective Teams

Our immersive half-day AI Marketing Processes workshop teaches your entire team to leverage AI to fuel growth.

This hype-free session provides facts, processes, and frameworks your team needs to start implementing AI effectively and ethically.

Learn about real-world use cases, get hands-on with customizable AI-powered processes, and adapt frameworks to identify and implement new AI tools that support your highest-impact opportunities.

You’re team come away with:

• Understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations
• Frameworks for integrating AI across your marketing strategy
• Insights into key AI opportunities, risks, and guardrails
• Use cases on responsible AI to  grow faster
• Practical experience with AI tools

Acquire our half-day workshop for the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to start seeing results.


Fast Track AI: High-Impact Marketing

You know AI can accelerate marketing success. Now it’s time to focus on strategic integrations poised for lift-off.

Our intensive half-day Fast Track workshop equips teams to identify and prioritize high-potential AI applications you can implement and evaluate quickly.

Leveraging our proven AI readiness frameworks and ideation tactics, you’ll:

• Assess marketing capabilities primed for AI augmentation
• Brainstorm AI innovations and optimizations
• Prioritize 3-month pilots by business impact
• Troubleshoot barriers and create action plans
• Leave aligned and equipped with next steps to execute immediately

Don’t just talk about AI potential; unlock it in weeks.

Jump Start your AI

Simple Pricing

Each module is available as a stand alone half-day training event customized to the client's needs.

Pricing starts at $15,000 per module.

AI Days Bundles

For clients interested in a more robust training program, we offer discounted bundled pricing when purchasing multiple modules:

• The 2-Module AI Days Bundle is $25,000
• Complete 3-Module AI Days Bundle is $35,000

Bundles provide cost savings and maximum high-quality training across key AI topics. Get more value through education, demos, and relationship-building with innovators in the space.


Want customized training tailored for your team?

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